Gamar is transforming the way we understand and interact with the world around us

It all started with our love for culture and our passion for making technology useful to everyone. Gamar platform was first launched for museums and art galleries successfully introducing new ways of discovery and fun for their audience.

Gamar revolutionized visitor experience with our cutting edge 3D object recognition technology and simple to use DIY platform. It soon proved that this technology can be used more broadly, inspiring discovery and creativity.

Gamar Philosophy



Visitors should be engaged at every opportunity during their visit by interacting with artifacts such as sculptures and paintings or at home with off-site activities within the app.


Formal & Informal learning

Learning is very effective in a relaxed environment, using play, stimulation and challenging the visitor’s imagination with real-time decision analysis in the app.



Organisations should involve the visitors in engaging activities and challenge their creativity with innovative activities to increase their participation along the selected path.



Gamar empowers people with learning disabilities and dyslexia to fully enjoy the visit with helpful easy to use screen designs and information flow.


Fun & Interaction

The interactions with objects in the museum and within the app should give a sense of enjoyment, delight and accomplishment.


Gamar platform was voted the best product by visitors at the Museums and Heritage conference. Games created on the Gamar platform have also bought exciting awards to their sponsors and organisations.

‘Best Marketing Campaign’ at Mobile Entertainment Awards
‘Best Product’ at Museums Association Conference
‘Best Preschool Marketing Campaign’ at Progressive Preschool Awards

Trusted by many

Gamar is already helping many Museums, Art galleries, Castles, Stately homes, Cathedrals, Universities, City Councils, Civic societies, Tourism boards, Entertainment brands and Families.