Storytelling - 8 unique ways to tell your stories through Gamar tours and trails

#ActivityIdeas - Check out loads of ideas and different ways you can tell a story through Gamar tours and trails

Augmented Reality animations - 15 different ideas you can try

#ActivityIdeas Check out the different types of augmented reality animations you can try for your tours and trails on Gamar

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The Chocolate Museum - Experience all things chocolate way back from its Mayan origins

For centuries, the much loved Chocolate has enjoyed many forms - as food of gods, a luxurious high society drink, as an expensive medicine, as a religious drink, as an art form, a recreational drug and even as money.

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Doddington Hall - A Magnificent Historic Home with rare Elizabethan Tapestries and Playful Unicorns

Doddington Hall, located just five miles from Lincoln is an impressive Elizabethan family home with 400 years of unbroken family occupation.

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Belvoir Castle - Experience the 1000yr castle whilst the Duchess shares its hidden secrets

Standing proudly on a hilltop in the heart of England, overlooking 15000 acres of green lands and lakes, Belvoir Castle is the beautiful illustration of a fairytale castle.

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Hololens 2 Announced: Check tech specs, price, release date and preorder link

Microsoft announced Hololens 2 in MWC, Barcelona today - 24th Feb 2019. Check the technical specifications, release date and preorder link here.

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5 Ways AR Mobile Tours Make Museums Accessible for Everyone

From Pokemon GO to Snapchat, augmented reality is a widely successful platform to engage app users in fun and interactive ways.

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Who is the Wisest of them all - Find out all about it on the Parthenon Marbles

It was the day when the citizens of a new city gathered high up on a hilltop to vote for the city’s patron. It was a high profile duel between two powerful gods.

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