In the last blog - How to create an Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt - we offered a step-by-step guide on creating an AR treasure hunt or an egg hunt. It is quick and easy to create a treasure or egg hunt in a few simple steps. In this blog, check out 5 different places that Gamar's egg hunt creator is already being used.

1. Museums

A group of bored teenagers in the British Museum quickly got into a ‘Play my egg hunt’ game and started making quick egg hunts for each other to play. The clues they gave each other in their egg hunts, made them observe their environment more closely. They had to analyse all the artefacts, including the text in the panels beneath, to find the eggs. Check out the video here:

2. Home

Egg and treasure hunts have been a favourite among families; parents, children and siblings create hunts for each other. Sometimes, the children are very naughty and hide virtual coins on a book cover and then hide the book altogether1 In other instances, we have heard that parents create treasure or egg hunts for their children as a reward.

3. Work

Creating virtual hunts could be your ultimate boredom buster at work. Fun brings people together. Try this to onboard new employees, as an icebreaker or during Friday drinks.


4. School

Here is an awesome teacher who uses the Gamar treasure hunt creator to enable her students to have some creative fun at school while exploring augmented reality technology.


5. Library

Libraries are amazing places that inspire curiosity and discovery. University students have used the Gamar app to add a layer of fun to their studies with egg hunts throughout their libraries.

Digital treasure hunts are much more exciting and quicker to create. But, bear in mind this free version of the treasure hunt creator does not allow you to save the hunt for later or share it with more people. It is a quick create and play app that you can use while on the go. The treasure and egg hunt creator is available on phones and tablets on the Gamar app.

Download now and experience the fun!

Upgrade to save and share your treasure hunts for a small one-off price

If you enjoyed creating hunts and want to create more and share with more people, we have just the right plan for you. With Gamar's personal plan, you can save and share your treasure hunts across borders for a small one-off cost. This allows you to create longer trails and add more exciting activities to take your fun to the next level - see below how Liv, a 10 year old child used the Gamar personal plan to create a trail in the British Library and shared it with her friends.

Birthday party at the British Library

Meet the tech-savvy Liv, who celebrated her 10th birthday party in a very unique way. As a part of her birthday party, Liv challenged her friends to an Augmented Reality trail at the British Library. In the video below, she shares her experience about creating the trail on her own and having fun at the library with her friends.

If you are looking to wow your party guests with augmented reality egg and treasure hunts, you can do so for a small one-off price. Click here to learn more.

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