Walking trails are simple and easy to make on the Gamar platform. Just follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating an incredible AR walking tour.

1. Log onto Gamar CMS and click the + button

When you log onto the Gamar platform, click the plus button to begin designing a new trail. The next screen will ask which type of trail you would like to create. Simply select map tour.

Click the plus button to create a new trail

2. Add your first stop on the Map

Next, to add your first stop, select an image to help your guests locate a specific stop along your walking tour. This may be a sculpture, sign, or other object that they can see and recognise.

Add a title, preview image and location coordinates to every stop

Find the location of your stop. You can search for a specific location on the map screen or search using coordinates. 

You can choose a location for the stop using the search or you can give directly give the location coordinates directly into the input boxes

3. Add stories and activities to the stop

Add activities to your stop. Once you click Done, you will be able to start designing your trail stops. There are many activities to choose from with each of your trail stops. We suggest that you begin with an intro, quiz your guests on relevant information, have them scan an object, include an animation, and then end with an activity. On the Gamar platform you have control of all the content of your walking trail and it can be easily edited as many times as you wish.  

This is where you can choose to include augmented reality on your walking tour. If you chose to have augmented reality in every stop, you will need to scan these stops at each location. Click here for a cheat sheet of 9 types of stops you can try to add AR fun to your outdoor trails in gardens, castles, parks and cities - be it a family trail or a location-based map tour.

A great choice of activities of story screens you can add to each stop

4. Repeat step 2 & 3 to add as many location stops as you wish

Just click on 'Add new stop', and add as many stops as needed based on your audience.

4. Finish and publish you trail

Publish your trail. After filling in all the text, images and activities, publish your trail to allow others to play. You can make your trail public and anyone with the app will be able to find and play.

Finish your trail with a title, description, preview image and playtime

Get started to create your walking tours with or without augmented reality.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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Avid painter, cyclist and video game player. Culture, arts and museum enthusiast. Customer Success Manager at Gamar.

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