Gamar Tours are a great way to introduce visitors to your museums or heritage site. Create bespoke experiences that help guests explore whilst learning and having fun. We want to give you all the tools you need to make your new Gamar Tours a success.

Here are 5 Simple Steps to Running your successful Gamar AR tour marketing campaign.

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1. Blogging

An effective series of blog posts can be an invaluable resource when marketing your new AR Tour. It allows you to post relevant and useful content available to anyone visiting your website, meaning everyone has the opportunity to see what’s going on and learn how to get involved. 

2. Email Campaigns

Creating a strong email campaign is a fantastic way of getting people excited for the launch of your new AR experience. Providing subscribers to your mailing list with regular updates on the campaign can keep interest going alongside your other marketing efforts. Contacting people directly with the story of your campaign encourages people to get behind the project and get excited to get involved. 

3. Social Media

Social Media is the perfect way to let this voice grow and to actively engage with visitors and users. Keep your followers up to date and encourage users to share their own experiences straight from the Gamar app onto Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

4. Outsourcing Outreach 

Inviting others to actively participate and promote your AR Tour can have a number of benefits, not only does it see your awareness of your experience spreading across more channels but can create valuable partnerships that can be relied on for all sorts of other projects and campaigns. 

5. Hosting Events

Creating a small program of events can really boost interest to you AR Tour by actively inviting visitors to participate. Utilise social media channels and platforms such as EventBrite to market your event cost effectively and efficiently.

Header image credit - Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

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