Picking stops for a treasure hunt is as much fun as creating the treasure hunt itself. In this blog, we have listed down our top 8 tips to keep in mind when scanning stops for an Augmented Reality treasure hunt on Gamar. These simple tips will make your life easy and speed up the creation process.

Before we dive into all the scanning tips, here is a recap of the scanning process

PS: In the new version of the Gamar scanning app, the tick mark that you see in the video has been replaced with the environment scanning animation with green colour highlighting the object and whatever the app sees through the device camera.

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Make sure you read all the following 8 tips when scanning stops on Gamar.

1. DO NOT scan the entire scene

Instead pick one object or a small portion of a big object and fill the screen when you scan it. In the example below, just pick the monkey photo frame instead of the entire scene.

2. DO NOT scan objects with plants and living things in the camera view

Instead make sure that there is nothing in the view that is moving when you scan such as plants in the following image. Fill your camera screen with the lion only instead of the whole garden scene.

Do ensure there is nothing that constantly moves or changes shape either in the foreground or background such as people in the following example.

3. DO NOT change the object position or angle once it is scanned

If the object's position, angle or its surroundings have been changed for some reason, check the recognition and scan again. There could be other objects in the camera view as long as they are not moved away from the location and position. For example, if a vase has been scanned as a stop and later the vase was moved to a different angle, position or location for some reason or even the environment in which the vase was position has changed, remember to check the recognition of the stop and scan it again if needed.

4. DO ensure the object has enough lighting

Ensure the room is well lit and that the object has a good contrast with its surrounding. If the object is blending with the background, perhaps add another object or image in the view.

5. DO ensure, your hands are not obstructing the camera view

We often don't notice that we might be obstructing the camera with our hands just like the example below.

6. With 2D objects, DO ensure you fill screen with it when scanning

For 2D objects like paintings, images on bags, book covers, plaques, text panels, 

a. fill the screen completely with the image just like the Monalisa painting above

b. in a straight angle, a good angle in which the user is intended to scan the stop. 

c. When you are ready, hit the 'Start Scanning' button. 

d. Unlike a 3D object, you do not need to scan these in all angles as visitors are expected to look at a 2D object in one angle.

7. When scanning 3D objects, DO ensure they are held to a surface

For 3D objects, the following are the top tips

a. 3D objects that are held to a surface help predict the angle where the user is scanning the 3D object within a 180 degrees angle range. 

b. Unlike 2D objects, it is best to scan the 3D objects in all angles and heights in which visitors could scan when they are playing the trail. 

c. Move the camera slowly so that the data being collected doesn't get blurry

8. For those that are difficult to scan, DO try to improve the environment around

See if you can

a. improve the lighting or

b. improve the contrast of the object with its surroundings or

c. change the position or the angle in which users will scan or

d. try adding an object beside it in the camera view

e. and if none of this works, scan a nearby object and also talk about this object.

We hope all these tips will help with your creation process on Gamar.

If have you faced any other challenges or have any questions, please do leave a comment below or get in touch at create@gamar.com.

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