All set to create an outdoor trail for your audience using augmented reality and wondering what can be some good stops. Here is a cheat sheet of 9 types of stops you can try to add AR fun to your outdoor trails - be it a family trail or a location-based map tour.

1. Building sculptural facades

Unique building facades can be a great start for your awesome family trails - just like the wonderful team at the Peterborough Cathedral have done for their family trail at the Cathedral. The Kingmaker trail which takes families on a tour of the Kingmaker wax statues exhibition at that Warwick Castle also starts with the families scanning the entrance plaque and bringing the emblem to life.

Peterborough Cathedral westfront (TL), Kingmaker exhibition entrance, Warwick Castle (TR), Madurai Meenakshi Temple (BL), La Sagrada Familia (BR)

2. Storefront designs & entrance plaques

Most of the storefront designs will do great for anj augmented reality stop. A great example for that is the Battersea Park trail in which the visitors at the park have to scan the entrance sign of the Peartree cafe which is one of the many exciting stops in the Battersea Park.

Cineplex Cinemas (TL), Priaulx library, Guernsey, (TR), Pear tree cafe, Battersea Park (BL), Pizza Pizza (BR)

3. Information signs & panels

Animating information signs and panels can be a great way to bring attention to that location and share all its interesting stories.

Street sign, London (TL), Go Ape sign (TR), The National Lottery sign, Wandsworth (BL), Tropical plants info panel, Battersea Park (BR)

4. Tree sculptures & wooden carvings

You can find that sometimes trees have interesting unique patterns on their trunks that are formed naturally. Other times they are carved manually. They can be great opportunities to bring to life and let the trees share interesting stories about that particular location.

Wooden carving (L), Tree sculpture (R)

5. Stone & metal sculptures

Again stone and metal sculptures are great ideas for stops to add augmented reality to a particular location.

Konark Sun temple (TL), Metal sculpture at Pump House art gallery, Battersea (BL), Stone sculpture (R)

6. Historic plaques

Historic plaques are permanent signs installed in public places to commemorate eminent famous people, events or a former building on the site, serving as a historical marker. The Ripon green plaque trail lets you to explore the historic city of Ripon through its many green plaques.

Ripon green plaque (L), Margate blue plaque (R)

7. Commemoration stones

You can try different things with text written on stones - making the words come to life or even translate it to different languages with Gamar augmented reality.

Commemoration stones from the Island of Guernsey (TL,BL,BR),Tempest plaque, Shakespeare New Place (TR)

8. Picture markers

Creating your own markers and placing across the gardens and parks is a great flexible and convenient idea. On two different occasions, the lovely team at the Geffrye Museum placed animal markers and colourful eggs across the famous Geffrye gardens. On the egg trail, families explored gardens from Georgian, Tudor and Victorian eras and more than 100 hours of activity was recorded in one week. 

Picture markers, Geffrye Museum gardens (L), In The Night Garden Tombilboos marker, RHS Wisley gardens (R)

9. Street graffiti

Bring to life street art with Gamar Augmented reality or you can even add virtual graffiti on the walls of the street without actually disturbing the public property.

Street art by Alexis Dias/ La Pandilla- 2013 (gif by unknown artist)

Are there any other favorites you like to add to your walking tours? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Photo by Navneet Shanu from Pexels

Photo by Alek Niemczyk from Pexels

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