We are excited to announce our new Digital Interpretation Project. We want to help more museums become digitally engaged, welcome new audiences and create unique visitor experiences.

We understand how severely the government funding cuts are affecting museums and art galleries. This new collaboration is a breath of fresh air for everyone as it requires no funding from your museum and it is a great source of income too.


Here is what we can achieve with this unique collaboration, where Gamar will take care of the following aspects:

1. Creation of in-gallery guides & experiences

2. Sponsored smart devices & related hardware

3. Daily visitor giveaways

4. Marketing and PR

5. Continuous improvement and implementation of new immersive technologies

Click here for details about Gamar production process for a guaranteed launch in 4 weeks.


The Gamar Platform enables the creation of content for a wide range of audiences - families with children, young adults, time-strapped travellers, schools, universities and more. As they cross the museum threshold, visitors are welcomed to the information desk to borrow a piece of tech of their choice, be it a smart device for everyday or a holographic wearable for exclusive events.

The museum collection will then be brought to life using advanced digital technology, whether this is through an Augmented Reality video game, audio-visual trail, or location triggered map tour.



Different trails for different audiences - Fun trails or games for families and children, educational tours for schools, in-gallery guides with more detailed information with audio or video for adults and academics can be created.


Multiple languages - Once the routes and content are well tested and established, we can translate them to French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Italian engaging millions of international visitors by allowing them to enjoy your content in their preferred languages.

British Sign Language (BSL) access trails and guides can be arranged for deaf or hard of hearing visitors.

Seasonal themes - For special exhibitions, seasonal holidays such as Halloween, Easter or special themes such as space, recycling etc., unique visual themes and trails appealing to both adults and children can be created.


Seamless navigation - all the routes will be well tested to ensure all visitors experience seamless navigation across the museum with easy visual & text clues and augmented reality.

Editing the experiences - Each experience will be carefully curated by the Gamar team using content provided by your museum. It can be changed wherever and whenever required to suit the on-going changes of your organisation on our easy to use platform.


Many museums cannot afford buying devices for the visitors to borrow and experience all the amazing content created by the Museums. Even when some museums manage to go with affordable device options, maintenance of these becomes a whole new ball game. In this new collaboration, Gamar has got you covered as we will provide all the hardware needed for this arrangement.


Smart devices - Gamar team will ensure all the trails and tours are installed properly and working well on all the devices. Also it is important all the devices are fully charged for the visitors to be able to use continuously - all the related charging hardware is arranged as well.

Training museum staff - The museum staff will be trained on how to assist the visitors including any FAQs and resources they would need to answer visitor questions.


Fun giveaways are a huge part of Museum culture and the magic will continue with Gamar where visitors can collect different badges according to their day and challenges completed on that day.

Creations and magical moments - When visitors return the devices, all the creations they have made within the trail, including creative activities, photos & selfies can be emailed to them along with museum branding. 

Badges or stickers will be given away for those visitors and families who complete the trails and games. 


Now the key part which is the marketing and promotion of the app. Gamar will support museum efforts of attracting new visitors, encouraging them to become repeat visitors and members and giving them exciting reasons to come back.

Social media campaigns - Create social media campaigns along with ad campaigns to book special monthly events

PR - Working alongside the Museum’s PR team, do more promotional activities about the Museum trails and events to bring new visitors.

Guest blogs - Contact local bloggers for them to experience Gamar content and write reviews.

Visitor generated content - We understand and believe visitor generated content plays a key role in marketing and promotional activities. A major part of our design and marketing efforts are focussed on encouraging visitors to create more and share their reviews, creations and photos.

Monthly competitions - Competitions and events can be organised to attract more visitors on certain days of the month and during public holidays. Visitors can pre-book these competitions on a webpage. Badges and prizes will be given away for:

+ Best fancy dress

+ Best team picture

+ Best team name

+ Best little detective

+ Best creations 


Gamar is constantly innovating and making museum experiences more accessible and fun for everyone. Keeping all the content fresh and relevant is an important part of this collaboration.

Review & continuous improvement - Gamar is always listening to the visitors, the museum team and being on top of any concerns is the key to ensure each and every trail is up-to-mark.


New cutting edge technology - Bringing in new technologies and never-seen-before experiences to the museums to wow the visitors is vital. 


This collaboration will produce endless opportunities to enrich and inspire visitors journeys and leave them with magical and memorable moments.


Sounds good!? Chat with us. To learn more, you can reach me at grace.weltch@gamar.com

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