Look no further, this warm Easter weekend. Just head to the beautiful Battersea Park for an exciting Augmented Reality Easter Egg hunt on the FREE Gamar app. 

One of London's favourite parks, Battersea Park is filled with green spaces, lakes, wildlife, iconic structures like the Peace Pagoda, victorian bandstand, gardens, art gallery, playgrounds, the adventurous Go Ape, crazy golf... just name it. The Pear tree cafe needs a special mention for its super yummy food, especially after a bit of fun in the park. 

Bring a smartphone/ tablet. Find all the virtual eggs hidden around Battersea park this Easter!

There are 15 virtual eggs to find - start at any point in the park to begin. Keep an eye out for three special locations. The first 100 people to find them and complete a challenge will win a chocolate egg.

Battersea Park

19th - 22nd Apr 2019

Here is a little teaser

1 Download before you arrive at the park 

Trail is made available to download and play during these days 19-22 Apr

Download the Gamar app

Apple  http://bit.ly/GamarIOS

Android  http://bit.ly/GamarAndroid

Go to 'Battersea Park' channel, download 'Easter Egg trail' and keep it ready to play at the Park.

Do not worry if you have 4g on your phone/ tablet though.

App permissions - The Augmented reality and the GPS technology in the app and the different fun activities need your device permissions. Remember to say YES when prompted.

Battersea Park channel on the Gamar app - download the Easter Egg trail here

2 Fully charge your phones and Tablets

You might have to use your phone camera in most of the places and will be using GPS while you play the trail - unless you know all the ins and outs of the park. Fully charge your phones and tablets before you arrive. Come prepared so you can keep the fun going!

3 Just follow the GPS points for each stop

To get to each stop, just follow the eggs which are GPS points on the trail map. Remember Pokémon GO? These points act just like stops in Pokémon GO. You can try satellite view if you like - the button is just around the top right corner. Remember to tap on the star in the middle to leave a review when you can.

Battersea map on the Gamar app with the 15 locations

4 Get there early for sweet surprises 

Unlike Pokémon GO, there are real world sweet surprises for the first 100 players who reach three special stops. You just need to do a fun activity and show it to the people inside for the treat. More information about the three sweet stops, click on this link

'Draw your own Easter egg' activity at the PUTT, a special location for a sweet treat

5 If the app crashes

A lot of care has been taken to ensure the app and every activity in the app works without a hassle on the myriad of smart devices available in the market. Every device is sightly unique in its make, settings, softwares used and memory left in the device. Unfortunately Android operating system is so fragmented. Hence on a few occasions, some devices might experience crashes at certain activities within the trail.

In the last two days, it was reported that a particular Samsung S9 and a Motorola g6 have experienced a crash when taking a selfie - otherwise everything else about the app is working fine. If you face a crash, kindly let us know and we will do our best to resolve it. Meanwhile, you can restart the app and check - it should work. We hope that you continue the fun in the park.


The more the merrier! Join everyone in the fun by sharing your selfies, cherry blossom tree, easter egg, duck pond and lot more creations using the hashtag #LOVEPARKSWANDSWORTH.

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