Standing proudly on a hilltop in the heart of England, overlooking 15000 acres of green lands and lakes, Belvoir Castle is the beautiful illustration of a fairytale castle. It is the home to the Duke of Rutland's family since 1067. 

Belvoir castle with its magnificent towers, 356 rooms, 18 guest bedrooms and 5 kitchens was primarily built as a hunting lodge and a party palace. Even today, the Castle continues the tradition by hosting shooting seasons, weddings, religious ceremonies, private and corporate parties at the castle every year. 

Over years, many members of the royal family, political and film personalities have graced the corridors of the Belvoir Castle. 

Belvoir Castle standing on a Hilltop overlooking the Vale of Belvoir

Meet Emma Manners, Her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland

The Duchess family moved into the castle in 2001 along with their five children. Since then Emma Manners, her Grace, took over the responsibility of the whole estate with the sole mission of keeping the heritage and history alive for us and generations to come.

The Duchess is an awe-inspiring woman, becoming the face of Belvoir and modernising the Castle with her team by bringing in new and exciting additions.


Emma Manners, Duchess of Rutland sharing about Belvoir Castle - 'Castle Audio Tour' on the Gamar app

Castle Audio Tour’ on the Gamar app - Listen to the Duchess 

Belvoir Castle created an Audio tour using the Gamar platform for the visitors of the Castle. On the tour, Her Grace warmly invites you into the 1000 year old family home and shares her favourite stories and the castle's hidden secrets.


The 'Castle Audio Tour' is free to download wherever you are, so just plug in your ear phones, close your eyes and travel back in history with the Duchess. 


The Duchess sharing some amusing stories about the beautiful Paintings Gallery

that includes pictures by Titian, Rubens, Van Dyck, Gainsborough, Holbein and Reynolds.

“We are extremely excited to bring a new level of fun to the castle, which will allow the visitors to discover hidden history and unlock interesting secrets of the castle’s past.” 






An interactive tour using Augmented Reality getting ready for Spring 2019

A fun family trail is being prepared for all visitors and guests of Belvoir Castle. In this trail, you follow PJ the naughty Peacock around the castle and stop him from causing mischief. This trail uses augmented reality and is decked out with many fun and creative activities.

A sneak peak into the fun family trail at the Belvoir Castle which will be launched in Spring 2019

How to listen to 'Castle Audio Tour'

Download the Gamar app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Go to the Belvoir Castle channel, download 'Castle Audio Tour' and play



When you are at the Castle, you can borrow a tablet to listen to the tour.

Getting to Belvoir Castle

The Castle is open from 11.00am – 5.00pm with the Ticket Office opening at 10.30am and last admission at 4.00pm. 

Admission into the Castle is free for wheelchair users (ground floor only). 

Belvoir Castle is open to the public on selected dates of the year. Click here for all the details you need about opening dates, times & ticket prices.

Step into one of the most beautiful castles in the world and experience the best of Belvoir. 

Photography credits

All the photos used in this blog belong to the Belvoir Castle and are screenshots from the tours and trails created on the Gamar app

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