Gamar's analytics section allows you to measure ROI on your tours and games as well as track the creations produced by your visitors in real time to improve your tours and grow your visitor base.

The ‘Dashboard’ button

When logged onto the Gamar CMS (, you can now see the new ‘Dashboard’ button on the top menu adjacent to the help button. Just click on it to open the analytics page. 

Dashboard button from the Gamar website homepage

Dashboard button from the CMS homepage

Dashboard interface explained

Trails list

On the homepage, you can see all of your tours - LIVE and those under PLAYTEST listed separately. Click on these little buttons to edit the trails or to access their analytics reports.

Analytics and Edit Trail buttons

Menu for deeper reporting

You can also see a menu on the left-hand side of the Dashboard homepage which lets you access deeper reporting on three specific areas:

  1. Analytics
  2. Reviews 
  3. User Generated Content

Click on CMS (which stands for Content Management System) on the menu to create and edit your Gamar tours and trails.

Access the menu on the left for deeper reporting

1. Analytics

Here, you can see an overall picture of the number of users and the daily usage of each of your trails. Click on the trail on the top to expand the filters where you can pick a trail of your choice and the date range.

Tap on the trail to open the two filters, trail and the date range

2. Reviews

The first trail is always shown as the default selected trail. Just click on the trail to change the name and the date range.

The reviews are shown with the name, detailed review, star rating and the date

3. User Generated Content

Just click on the trail to expand the filter mode with the Trail name, Date and the Activity filters. 

Under the Activity filter, Snapshot (General overview) is the default view. You can always select a particular activity such as Story Audio, Video, Draw, Diorama etc. to get more data

The general overview is the default view

Total Video and Audio experienced

A graph like this shows the total amount of time in seconds of audio or video watched within that particular time period.

Audio daily usage

Creations from Draw, Diorama activities and more 

The individual galleries show the creations from different activities.

Gallery of all the user creations from the drawing activity

Gallery of all the user creations from the diorama activity

Improvements and Updates

We are working hard to bring more in-depth analysis, goals and reporting system for your tours and games. Let us know if you need any specific data or reports.

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