The much awaited Tooting Bec Lido history trail is now live on the Gamar app for everyone to enjoy. Wandsworth Council used the Gamar augmented reality content management system and the mobile app to create an AR trail that tells the fascinating history of the popular swimming pool. The game encourages visitors to discover parts of the site that they may not have seen before. 

Working with the volunteer led team at Tooting Bec Lido has been great, from learning about the rich history of the site to admiring the dedication of the local swimming community (even in the pouring rain!).

We joined the guys at the lido for their annual Open House event - Open House London, the world’s largest architecture festival over the weekend of 21 and 22 September - #OpenHouseLondon #ohl19. The morning was full of swimming, discovery and beautiful artwork - that could give the Gamar art team a run for their money.


Visitors of all ages tried their hand at the brand new lido trail. For many guests it was their exciting first time experience of AR. To see more of our fun day at the pool and the brand new trail - watch the video below!


How to Play

Download the Gamar app to explore the lido and discover fascinating facts after your dip in the pool.



 + Open the app

 + Scroll along to Wandsworth Council

 + Find Tooting Bec Lido

 + Download the trail and PLAY!

Have fun & share your creations with

#slsclido #tootingbeclido


Getting to Tooting Bec Lido

Opening times

May to August: 6am to 8pm

September: 6am or sunrise* to 5pm

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Grace Weltch

Museums, art and culture specialist. Can be found cycling, bouldering and diving from city to city. Customer Success Manager at Gamar.

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