Doddington Hall, located just five miles West of Lincoln is an impressive Elizabethan family home with 400 years of unbroken family occupation. 

The most inspiring and entrepreneurial Claire Birch inherited the house from her parents and has been successfully running it along with her husband James Birch. James is also the President of HHA, Historic Houses Association of 1600 privately and charitably owned historic houses, castles and gardens who are dedicated to making them attractive and sustainable.


James Birch with his wife Claire Birch at Doddington Hall

With stunning gardens, 700 acres of farmland and 600 acres of woodland, Doddington Hall is a sought after holiday home, wedding venue and also the proud winners of the 'Wedding Venue of the year 2018'.


  Doddington Hall is one of the best wedding venues in the UK - Magda K Photography @Catkinflowers

Learn about Elizabethan Tapestries

Over the years, the 400 yr old family home has accumulated a fascinating collection of paintings, furniture, weaponry, porcelain and textiles, one of the most precious being a rare Tapestry collection. The team at the hall has been working hard for years to restore a room full of tapestries which is now open for everyone to see. 

The conservation team at Doddington Hall working on a 5 year Tapestry restoration project

Doddington Hall created 'Jolly's Tapestry trail' on the Gamar app for families and children that bring the tapestries to life using Augmented Reality. Find a unicorn dipping its horn into the water to scare off some monsters, the dancing couple and many more amusing stories among the tapestries.

Visitors playing 'Jolly's Tapestry Trail' at Doddington Hall

Why not create a tapestry yourself

One of the popular activities in the trail is to 'create your own tapestry' where you can add different animal and bird motifs from the Elizabethan era onto a landscape canvas and create your own beautiful creation.



Visitors creating beautiful tapestries at Doddington Hall

Doddington Hall and Unicorns

The stunning Doddington Hall gardens are a must see every year for its beautiful blooms within a 400 year old Elizabethan layout. In the forecourt you can find four majestic unicorns guarding the fine house. The Jarvis family who lived at Doddington Hall had a unicorn in their family crest. Perhaps that is how unicorns found a happy home at Doddington Hall. Anytime of the year, you will find a unicorn themed activity at the Hall and gardens.

Can you see a unicorn in the Jarvis Family Crest?

Last summer, a Unicorn trail was created on the Gamar app for families and children which helped the players explore 5 acres of Doddington Hall Gardens both wild and formal.



 A young visitor playing the Unicorn trail in the Doddington Hall gardens last summer, learning about different plants and trees in the gardens

Visit the lovely Doddington Hall

In the words of Claire and James Birch - “A visit to Doddington offers a unique insight into family life through the ages and the challenges of looking after such an estate in the 21st century".

And while you are at the Hall, remember to play 'Jolly's Tapestry trail'.

"The Gamar app offers an alternative way to learn about the history of Doddington... the app offers many opportunities to bring history to life for all ages... The app actually gets people looking at things in a different way and highlights details that visitors may not have noticed without the app. So rather than being glued to a device, the app encourages more engagement with items/ areas (for example looking closer at the tapestries and finding out about the different characters depicted) as well as offering fun ways to learn about history.... The app provides very engaging learning opportunities without interfering with the presentation of our family home." 



Follow Jolly, the unicorn at Doddington Hall and experience Tapestries like never before

How to Play

Download the Gamar app on your phone or tablet.

Go to Doddington Hall channel, download 'Jolly's Tapestry Trail' and keep it ready to play at the Hall.


You can also borrow tablets at Doddington Hall to play the trail.

Getting to Doddington Hall

The Hall & Gardens will be open on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday 12-4.30pm (Gardens from 11am) between 7 April – 29 Sept.

Check out Doddington Hall website for more information about events and opening dates, timings and tickets.

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