Add a slice of fun and engagement to your corporate team meetings or perhaps challenge new hires on a scavenger hunt with Gamar in augmented reality. By using visually stimulating content and effective storytelling, augmented reality results in higher brain activity. Engaging employees with AR has a positive impact on memory and attention.

Here are six fun ways you can use Gamar for business and team gatherings!

1. New employee on-boarding

Instead of starting the first day with an exhaustive handbook, your new employee can kick off the day with fun interactive augmented reality (AR) tour to learn about their new office spaces, policies, products, services, team members and team meetings. Create effective and fun introductory experiences with Gamar and meet all of your on-boarding objectives.

2. Team building

Turn your office space into an immersive escape room where everyone can play together, follow clues, solve puzzles and interact with the virtual world using AR.

3. Corporate Training

Harness the power of AR! Use rich visual content and storytelling to create interactive fun training games with Gamar. A variety of games or trails can be created as an ice breaker or to cover a specific subject.

Create a trail for your office space and add mini-games along the way to keep your employees engaged. Click here to find out which activities you can add to your trails.

4. Employee family events and Open days

For any kind of event or family open day, Gamar can be your friend to get everyone to jump in and engage with people and spaces. You can create treasure hunts or fun trails and create a competition among everyone to increase the fun ten fold!

Find out how to create an AR treasure hunt here!

5. Gather Insights

With the Gamar app, you can conduct text or image surveys to gather opinions and preferences from all your employees about a topic. Gathering feedback about a training session can be another effective way to use Gamar. 

6. Product demos

Gamar's mixed reality designs and Microsoft's HoloLens is a powerful combination. We have created immersive product demos for sales meetings, trade shows and corporate events in augmented reality that are displayed in the HoloLens. Customers can experience your product in full action before they buy. Using AR to sell your product shows customers that your company is technologically advanced and forward thinking.


If you have any questions or want to learn how Gamar can work with your company to create immersive and engaging experiences for your employees, reach out to us at or call us at +44 (0) 7891 059797. We are happy to explore a wide range of options with you!

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