As Gamar grew over the years, our clients requirements grew too and they wanted to bring Augmented Reality to the streets.

If you haven't seen this yet, here is a how-to guide to create a Gamar AR walking tour - 5 Short Steps to Create an Amazing - AR Walking Tour - on Gamar. Also check out inspiration and ideas for your walking tours here. Harry Potter style portkeys and more ideas to add to your walking tours on Gamar.

In this FAQ blog, we aim to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Gamar Walking tours.

1. So, why choose Gamar Map Tour?

Gamar Walking Tours provide an opportunity for you to create your own, personalised Map Tour using advanced augmented reality technology. Impress your visitors, guests, friends, or family by easily creating a special, location activated experience from a family Easter Egg hunt to a Guided Tour of your particular site.

2. What sets this apart from other activities we have for our audience?

The thing that makes Gamar so special is it differs so much from many other audience engagement activities. Gamar's unique 3D recognition technology, that is not found anywhere else, allows you to scan real life objects. We have a proven track record of helping organisations increase audience engagement at some of the world’s leading institutions, including the British Museum. 

You can also add a variety of other engaging activities like puzzle, quiz, survey, selfie, diorama, drawing challenge, musical activity and many more to each stop to make your walking tours both fun and educational.

2. How many tours can I create?

Create as many walking tours as you would like to cater to your needs and different audience segments - families, children, young adults, older adults, schools and more.

3. How much does it cost?

Creating a Map Tour within the Gamar platform is a great way of incorporating digital tours without the huge price tag. It can be created using our standard platform; price plans can be found here.

5. How do I select a stop?

Gamar utilises advanced location technology - to select a stop simply select ‘Add New Stop’ you will then be directed to your digital map. You can search for the location in the search input box or just add the Latitude and Longitude geo coordinates of the location and hit ‘Done’.

6. How do I make changes to the images, text, audio and video?

Another thing that sets the Gamar platform apart from other digital experiences is how easy it is to make changes. To edit images, text, audio, and video simply head to the editing section of your account. Here you can amend text and add any new audio visual material you like, making Gamar completely adaptable to the on-going changes on your organisation.

7. How do I add augmented reality into my Map Tour?

Incorporating augmented reality into a Gamar Map Tour is super quick and easy. First download the Gamar app on your mobile device to scan images or objects that you would want visitors to scan in that particular location stop. Click here for a tutorial on scanning 2D and 3D objects. Go back to your walking tour on the Gamar CMS dashboard, then select ‘+ pick a story or activity screen’ followed by ‘AR Activity’. You can then include some of your newly scanned objects and the animation to be triggered.

8. What location can I give to make stops?

Anywhere! Within reason of course. Using the Gamar platform’s advanced technology you can select stops anywhere, allowing you to create an exciting Map Tour regardless of your location.

Always ensure your audience can reach the exact location of the stop and not challenged by any physical obstacles. You can always change the 'Accepted Radius' to ensure visitors can unlock the stop's content and progress further in the trail, as long as they are within a certain radius of the stop.

9. How many different stops can I make?

There is no limit to the number of stops you want to add. You can add as many different stops as you like using Gamar Map Tour - For example Ripon Plaques Tour has 33 stops across the Cathedral City of Ripon.

But be careful not to add too many you don’t want to tire your visitors out. Also to keep in mind is the size of the images, audio and video bytes you are adding to your walking tour. The more you add, the heavier your entire tour will become for your audience to download and navigate through.

10. What does it mean to have the stop 'locked' or 'open'?

The ‘locked’ and ‘open’ options, which can be found at the top of the content creation dashboard dictate whether your stops can be accessible outside of the selected location. If you keep the stops 'locked' - players must reach the exact location before they can unlock the next location. If you keep the stops 'open' - players can access the stops from anywhere and they are not in any sequence.

We are here to answer any questions you might have. Please leave your questions in the form below.

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