Happy Spring everyone!

For everyone staying at home, looking to give your children a fun Easter weekend, we have created this FREE #AugmentedReality Easter Egg Hunt.

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Follow these 3 steps to set up a fun Easter Egg Hunt at your home for children

STEP 1 - Print three A4 sheets

Print the PDF from this link. You will find three A4 sheets in the PDF. Cut each page into three parts along the dotted line - you should then have 9 pieces in total.

STEP 2 - Stick the 9 images around your home

Directions of where to place each of the 9 pieces is clearly written on the side. Just stick all the 9 pieces around your home in these 9 different locations. The clues for each location are already in the game. We have ensured that we picked very generic locations and the most common objects that we can find in our homes. Here is the list of locations just in case

1. Basket

2. Window

3. Fridge

4. Books

5. Washing machine

6. Indoor plant

7. Shoe rack

8. Teapot

9. Tissue box

In case you don't have that location at your home, perhaps you can try sticking the stop near an equivalent location with enough clues for the children.

STEP 3 - Download & Play on the Gamar app

> Download the Gamar app on your Apple and Android phones and tablets.

> Open the app and scroll to the point where you can see 'EASTER EGG HUNT 2020' channel.

> Tap on the tile to find 'Easter Egg Hunt 2020'.

> Download it and handover the device to the players and let the fun begin.

FAQs answered


I see a lot of images of different Museums around my location when I open the Gamar app. How can I find the Easter Egg Hunt 2020?

When you open the Gamar app, you will first see the Museums that are around your location that have trails on the Gamar app or the ones are in progress.

Just keep scrolling to the point where you can see 'EASTER EGG HUNT 2020' channel, just like the one below.


How do I restart the Egg hunt again with all the AR bits?

Just tap on 'RESET' button in the PAUSE menu on the top left corner.


The image for every stop looks the same. What if my child plays the whole trail standing in one point?

Yes, that can happen. We needed to keep the image simple and recognizable so children can look for it everytime they are at a stop. One way to encourage your children to move from one point to another is also to put other physical surprises at each point that they can collect or interact with and make the Egg Hunt double fun.

Any questions, feedback, concerns, issues, ideas, please email us at create@gamar.com

Happy Egg Hunting everyone!

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