Over the last 7 years, Gamar worked with museums and cultural organisations, big and small and brought to life many amazing ideas. We take a methodical approach to our production process to make sure we produce the highest quality AR experiences. Gamar process is made as transparent as possible so that our partners feel a part of the whole creative process, at every step of the way.

Gamar is open to a new collaboration which enables Museums & Culture organisations to engage and attract more visitors with our no-funding-required Digital Interpretation Project. We created a production process that guarantees launch in 4 weeks. Following schedule will be used during the production process:


This first week is going to be an intense phase of ideation, preparation and content gathering, liaising with different departments. Our content creation team starts scanning as many museum objects as possible and prototyping visitor trails.

Discovery questionnaire - Prior to the kickoff workshop, a discovery questionnaire will be sent prior to the museum team to gather as much information as possible covering your vision, needs, preferences, visitor experience goals, challenges, learnings, stories you want convey, audiences of focus, languages etc. 

Discovery workshop - It is good to have people from different departments in the discovery workshop so we can together gather everyone's insights at an early stage. It is going to be great fun coming up ideas and making some good progress. We will make some early decisions on the following 

1. Total number of trails to start with

2. Audience segments we will be creating them for

3. Experience goals for each trail

4. Different types and templates for the trails

5. Expected visitor journeys and popular routes

6. Types of content and resources available

7. Visual themes, museum brand guidelines

8. Types of activities

9. Accessibility aspects

Resources gathering - We will make the best use of all the available resources that the Museum can share with us at that point to get started, any images, audio, video files, stories from old or existing trails.


This week is about creating, reviewing and refining. While Gamar content creation team continues to create, test and refine all the trails, the support and inputs from the museum team at this stage are hugely important to get everything right and keep up with the schedule.

Prototyping - With the decisions made and agreed with the Museum team, Gamar’s content team then starts to create trails and test out in the galleries in the earliest form and improve them further for the first meeting with the Museum team to demo all these trails.

First Demo - This will be the first demo of the trails to the Museum team to take feedback, valuable inputs and further resource gathering.

Review & Refine - We go back and implement those changes and further improve all the trails and nearly finalise all the templates and outlines of the trails. 

Final Demo - This final demo with the Museum team will help make many final decisions on the number of trails, number of audience segments, types of audio and video to be used etc.

Final Production kickoff - Now that all the content related decisions have been made, the final production phase starts.


As we are getting closer to the launch, this week will be about further creating and reviewing. While Gamar content creation team continues to create, test and refine all the trails, the support and inputs from the museum team at this stage are hugely important to get everything right and keep up with the schedule.

User testing - Testing all the trails with visitors happen simultaneously throughout the week and all the insights go into the production process every day.

Production - The production process continues with the inputs from visitor testing of the trails.

Desk setup - All the hardware related aspects will be made ready this week. These include the devices to be used, the print and digital signage, the hardware & networking requirements with the help of the museum staff


As we approach the final week of our production schedule, all the marketing and promotional activities have already been started and are leading towards the launch date. All the other aspects of Visitor desk in the museum are being taken care of simultaneously.

Demo & Training - Gamar is on site to test the app on all the smart devices at the visitor desk and be on-hand to train museum staff in order to ensure the best visitor experience.

Ongoing Support - From launch day events and social media campaigns to engagement analytics and technical support, your partnership with Gamar will be on-going for everything you need to ensure your new AR interpretation is a success. 

More information and questions about our production process, you can contact me - Grace Weltch, Digital Engagement Designer at grace@gamar.com

Image credits - Startup Stock Photos from Pexels, rawpixel.com from Pexels

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