Landing site of the Romans, home to King Henry the VIII and the site of the Prime Meridian. Greenwich has been linked to navigation and sailing for centuries making it the perfect location for the National Maritime Museum.

This museum is home to the most interesting sailing related artefacts in England, including Lord Nelson’s coat from his final battle at Trafalgar where he was fatally wounded.

Designing an Interactive Experience on the Great Map

Just inside the entrance of the museum is a large map that covers the massive entrance hall. The Great Map, as it is referred to, incorporates an interactive augmented reality game, The Great Explorer, that allows you to sail around the world.  

A month long research was carried out by the Gamar team along with the Visitor Engagement team at the National Maritime Museum to come up with the best stops for the journey. The locations that were selected connect to the physical exhibits in the museum and create an educational and entertaining experience for the player.

A Game for Schools, Families and Adventurers

Every month, thousands of guests including school children and families visit the Great Map. Visitors are able to borrow tablets from the museum desk and set sail across the map collecting treasures from the places they visit. The players walk to the different points across the map, learn about the place and collect different treasures, a lot of them can be found within the huge museum collection of maritime treasures exhibits.  

Key themes of The Great Explorer game are geography, facts about different countries and maritime history.

Most popular activity

Visitors are able to name their ship and follow it as it sails across the map. Along the voyage, visitors collect items of cultural significance and fill the up their ships.

But, the most popular activity with visitors is by far the photo activity. Every location that visitors travel to, they can take photos after collecting all the treasures from that place.

Coming Soon...

The Visitor Engagement and Digital learning team at the NMM and the research team at Gamar are exploring to create multiplayer games and show real-time maritime traffic and weather data as well. More exciting games ahead!

Did you know?

In the Great Explorer game, your character sails to 20 different cities around the map, collecting artefacts on your ship. Along the way, the game records the miles that you have travelled and gives you a score based on the distance and time that it takes you. The shortest route around the world is the winner! If you can collect all the artefacts, you will earn the title of Great Explorer and win the game.

How to Play

Download the Gamar app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Go to the National Maritime Museum channel, download 'The Great Explorer' and keep it ready to play while at the museum.

Alternatively you can also borrow tablets available for free on the Great Map.

Getting to the National Maritime Museum

Open: 10am–5pm daily 

Last admission 4.15pm

National Maritime Museum, Park Row, East Greenwich, London SE10 9NF

For more information on how to there click here and for facilities and access, click here.

Get onto the Great Map in the Museum, sail across the seven seas and collect beautiful treasure from the different places you visit.

After sailing around the world and visiting the rest of the National Maritime Museum, fill your belly at these restaurants.

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