You have created a great walking tour with all the content that it ever needs. All you need now is something to excite and motivate your curious audience to get onto the street with your walking tour, in their comfortable shoes.

Here are our top 5 ideas to make your walking tours immersive, experiential and accessible - includes Harry Potter style portkeys to travel back in time or simply collect rare artefacts from different worlds.

1. Add audio by famous voices

We want to start with the most important part of the walking tour - the audio for the tour. Yes you know it - 'straight from the unicorn's mouth'. Nothing can replace listening to the stories about the place from someone who has personal experience and knowledge about the place.

Belvoir Castle created an Audio tour using the Gamar platform for the visitors of the Castle. On the tour, her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland, Emma Manners warmly invites you into the 1000 year old family home and shares her favourite stories and the castle's hidden secrets.

How to add

When creating your location tour on CMS, for every stop, you can add any activity or story screen in any order. Start by adding an audio activity where you can add the audio of your choice.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a Location tour, check out this blog - '5 short steps to create an amazing AR Walking Tour on Gamar'

Emma Manners, Duchess of Rutland sharing about Belvoir Castle - 'Castle Audio Tour' on the Gamar app

2. Go Harry Potter portkey style

Let your audience apparate, Harry Potter style, more commonly called teleport to worlds we cannot otherwise visit - perhaps to an event that happened ages ago in that particular location or a reconstructed view of how that location used to look. You can add 360 worlds on Gamar, annotate them, add hidden objects and also make them into little games - imagination is the limit!

How to add

These interactive worlds needs to be custom built by the Gamar creative team. Just get in touch with us to tell what incredible worlds you want to create for your audience and how interactive you want them to be.

Battle of Naseby reconstructed at the Naseby Battle Arena

3. Add Augmented Reality

Add augmented reality to make sculptures & statues talk, animate historic plaques & commemoration panels and many more. Check out this link for lots of inspiration - taken from different games and trails on Gamar - and see what you can do with augmented reality for your walking tours - Augmented Reality animations - 15 different ideas you can try

How to add

First download the Gamar app on your mobile or tablet and start scanning objects of interest as stops to add to your walking tours. Click here for a cheat sheet of 9 Types of Stops to Create a Fun Outdoor AR trail - Gardens, Parks, Castles and Cities.

Once you scanned the objects and images you want to animate with the Gamar mobile app, log onto start creating your walking tour, every location stop has an option of adding a story or an activity screen. Under the different activities - you can find AR activity. This is where you add the stops you scanned and select a default animation or bespoke AR animation.

Check the video below to see how to scan a stop

4. Add BSL videos to make it accessible

Make your walking tours accessible by adding BSL videos for each location or where needed.

How to add

On the Gamar CMS, every location stop has an option of adding a story or an activity screen. Under the different activities - you can find video activity. Remember to compress the videos before you upload them onto your tours to always keep the total size of the walking tour low.

Guests can access a map of the Killerton House in the BSL guided tour and select BSL videos from each room

5. Make it into a walking Quizup trivia game

When you are creating a walking tour on the Gamar CMS, you can find a variety of quiz options that you can add yourself to your walking tours - a Text quiz, Image quiz or surveys. and make it into a Quizup Trivia game. These quiz questions can be testing their knowledge or observation of each of these locations on the walking tour.

How to add

On the Gamar CMS, every location stop has an option of adding a story or an activity screen. Under the different activities - you can find Text quiz, Image quiz, Text survey and Image survey. Remember you can always a interface design and colours bespoke to your branding colours and style - just chat with us about your needs.

Text quiz from Legend of Nelson trail, National Maritime Museum

To sum up, except for the bespoke parallel worlds you can add all the above ideas all by yourself on the Gamar CMS. Start creating your exciting walking tours here.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Header image - Background photo by Jahoo Clouseau from Pexels, The 360 world is reconstructed view of the Battle of Naseby created by the Gamar team.

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