We at Gamar have been developing multiplayer games for Hololens for the last 2 years. HoloLens is by far the best AR headset anyone has ever produced. Even 3 years after its launch, the Hololens is still the best compared to the recently launched Magicleap. We have been eagerly anticipating the announcement of Hololens 2 at MWC Barcelona... and here it is!

Hololens 2

Microsoft has just unveiled the HoloLens 2, an upgraded version of its mixed-reality headset. The experience of Hololens 2 certainly seems much much better than its predecessor; it appears more comfortable, to have better visuals along with some wonderful natural interactions. At MWC Barcelona, the HoloLens 2 was able to continuously track all the user's finger movements on both the hands and understand every interaction made. It certainly has amazing potential to interpret all our day-to-day gestures to allow us to interact with holograms in the real world.

Hololens 2 announcement: Device is recognising and tracking all fingers on both of the user's hands to interact with the holographic piano.

If you are a developer, you can start coding today with the mixed reality services on Azure. This software provides an accurate, open and easy way to integrate cross-platform services for mixed reality with Azure Spatial Anchors.

Hololens 2 announcement: You can call the holograms to come and land on your palm. How cool is that?

Technical features and hardware specifications

Field of view has been a sticking point during most of our demos with the current version of Hololens. The Hololens 2 includes an expanded field of view twice (52°) as big as the current device. It is significantly more comfortable than the current device because the weight is evenly distributed.

Other key features of the HoloLens 2 include:

- Real-time eye tracking

- See-through holographic lenses for each eye that have the equivalent of a 2K display

- 8-megapixel front-facing camera

- Full 6 degrees of tracking

- USB-C charger, so, it charges faster

- Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor

You can download technical specifications sheet here.

Hololens 2 announcement: The weight is evenly distributed so and with a comfortable headband it feels like you are wearing a hat.

Price, release date and preordering the device

The HoloLens 2 headset will cost $3500. Microsoft is also offering a subscription option for $125 per month. The release date is not clear but you can preorder the device with this link. On this page, you are not paying for the new device just yet but getting on the list to order a HoloLens 2 when they become available.

Have you been developing on Hololens, Magicleap or any VR headsets? Do share your experience and any challenges you are facing and to collaborate on our next blog.

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