Gamar is proud to present Farm Fare - in association with the Royal Three Counties Show. Farm Fare is an augmented reality, location based game. Rare farm animals are hiding all over the Three Counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Players must collect, care and then compete to help protect these rare breeds and become the farming champion.

The game will feature over 20 different breeds of farm animal including the Gloucestershire Old Spot Pig, Cotswold Sheep, and Shire Horse. Many of the animals included in the game are currently protected as their numbers are dwindling. The aim of the game is to explore the three counties to find the animals. Once found players must give the animal the correct food from the food reel in order to collect them.

They can then be cared for in the home farm giving the players the opportunity to feed, clean, and bond with the animals. The better animals are cared for the more reputation points gained. The best cared for animals will gain interest from local rare breed keepers, players can gain coins from the Rare Breed Academy for giving the animals happy new homes.

Becoming a farming champion is no easy task. The players reigning at the top of the leader board by the time of the Royal Three Counties show will have the chance to win some amazing prizes. Including a brand new iPad!

Join us for the launch at CountryTastic

April 9th 2020

Three Counties Showground, Malvern WR13 6NW

#Royal3Counties #FarmFareGame

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Farm Fare game launching on both Apple and Android devices

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