5 Short Steps to Create an Amazing - AR Walking Tour - on Gamar

Just follow these 5 short steps to create an incredible AR Walking Tour using Gamar.

Rachel Lydford Rachel Lydford

7 types of unique dashboards you can add to your trails and games on Gamar

Gamar platform is as accommodating as you want it to be. Check out the top 7 types of dashboards you can try for your trails and tours on Gamar.

Lavanya Naga Lavanya Naga

5 spooktacular ideas to create an AR Halloween Scavenger Hunt on Gamar

Gamar is just the right potion you need for a spooky Halloween Scavenger hunt party. Read more for 5 fun ideas that you can include in your halloween hunts.

Grace Weltch Grace Weltch

Effective Employee Engagement and Team Building with Gamar

Add a slice of fun and engagement to your corporate team meetings or perhaps challenge new hires with a scavenger hunt with Gamar in augmented reality!

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Build, Measure and Grow with Analytics and User Generated Content

Gamar's Analytics section lets you measure ROI on your Gamar tours and games, as well as track the creations produced by your visitors in real time to improve your tours and grow your visitor base.

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Battersea Park AR Easter Egg trail 19-22 Apr - 5 tips you need

Top 5 tips you need for a fun Easter weekend at the Battersea Park

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Storytelling - 8 unique ways to tell your stories through Gamar tours and trails

#ActivityIdeas - Check out loads of ideas and different ways you can tell a story through Gamar tours and trails

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Augmented Reality animations - 15 different ideas you can try

#ActivityIdeas Check out the different types of augmented reality animations you can try for your tours and trails on Gamar

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