10 fun activities to add to your Augmented Reality trails

Check out the 10 fun things you can add to your family and children tours and trails to bring in more interactive fun.

Rachel Lydford Rachel Lydford

5 places you can have fun with a free Augmented Reality Easter Egg hunt

Check out 5 different ways and places Gamar's free egg hunt/ treasure hunt creator is already being used

Lavanya Naga Lavanya Naga

How to Create an Augmented Reality Treasure hunt

If you are looking for a boredom buster at home, work or outings, here is just the thing for you - a quick on-the-go treasure hunt creator and player. Also a wonderful way of introducing children to technology and explorative fun.

Rachel Lydford Rachel Lydford

Unlocking Hidden Value and Supercharging Visitor Engagement

Museums provide food for the soul. They are a nexus for past and present and anchor points for our collective cultural memories.

Mark Selby Mark Selby

5 Best Educational AR Apps

Teachers are continuously trying to find new methods to enable their students to visualize what they are teaching.

Rachel Lydford Rachel Lydford

Enhancing Reality - The World of Gamar

A halo of swirling, green sparks encircles the ancient artefact in the British Museum’s Parthenon gallery, bringing the dead stone to life.

Mark Selby Mark Selby

Gamar Origins - Augmented Reality for everyone

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the VHS and Betamax of our digital generation, AR is arguably the format that will win out in the long run...

Mark Selby Mark Selby