It was the day when the citizens of a new city gathered high up on a hilltop to vote for the city’s patron. 


The city was witnessing a high profile duel between two powerful gods. The violent Poseidon, god of sea & earthquakes and the wise Athena, goddess of wisdom & warcraft. Everyone agreed that the one who gives the best gift to the city is the winner. 

Athena and Poseidon's duel is depicted on the west pediment of Nashville Parthenon, a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Poseidon struck the hill with his trident triggering a spring of salty water. Athena planted a seed which sprouted into a beautiful olive tree giving the citizens food, oil and wealth. The choice was clear. The city was named Athens after Athena and a great temple called Parthenon was built dedicated to her. 

Slow Athens And Poseidon by Noel Halle

Athens is the ancient Greek city which played a pivotal role in advancing human civilization. The Parthenon marbles tell the stories of Athena's birth, rise to power and many more. They also depict the celebrations of their annual festival held by the citizens of Athens, a procession to the Parthenon temple on the hilltop.

Citizens of Athens are having parade to celebrate Athena's birthday, part of an animation taken from 'Gift for Athena' game, British Museum

Built more than 2500 years ago, the temple suffered damage over the centuries. A portion of the remaining sculptures are housed in the British Museum, London. 

The Parthenon temple on the top of the hill called Acropolis, part of an animation taken from 'Gift for Athena' game, British Museum

Luckily, today we can experience the glory of the ancient temple in the Parthenon gallery at the British Museum with an Augmented Reality mobile game called ‘Gift for Athena’.

Visitors playing 'Gift for Athena' game in the Parthenon gallery, British Museum, London

The app, the first of its kind for the British Museum is used in a popular in-gallery education session for KS2 schoolchildren aged 7-11. Key themes that are covered in the game are Greek architecture, sculpture, religion, civic life, gods and goddesses. Schools groups of 30 can book their sessions on the British Museum website, borrow the tablets to play in the Parthenon gallery. 

Information on how to play 'Gift for Athena' in the British Museum

The augmented reality game includes loads of stories and a variety of challenges that involve finding sculptures, solving puzzles and more.

BBC coverage on 'Gift for Athena' when the game was launched

It is a brilliant fun day out activity for a family, group of friends and tourists. There have been loads of positive reviews from families who played and reviewed the game here by Curious Mom, here by Mummy is a gadget geek and here by Tincture of Museum.


Download the Gamar app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Go to the British Museum channel, download 'Gift for Athena' and keep it ready to play while at the museum.


Free, open daily 10.00–17.30

The British Museum, Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG

Get into the Parthenon gallery and travel back to ancient Athens, more than 2500 years ago.

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