Welcome to Gamar!

We are happy to have you onboard. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started on creating tours and games on the Gamar platform.

Just follow these 7 steps:

  1. Your first step is to create an account here. If you are an organisation, you have a 7 day free trial.
  2. Once you create an account, download the Gamar app on your phone or tablet iOS or Android .
  3. Login on the mobile app (Apple or Android) and scan the objects you want to include in the trail.
  4. Open the website cms.gamar.com and create a trail for your needs.
  5. Publish it to playtest to test your tour before making it live. Test it in the actually physical space and make the necessary adjustments and ensure enough directional information to help your visitors or users navigate in the space easily.
  6. Publish your tour live onto the Gamar app on both Apple and Android stores, ready for your audience to play on their mobiles and tablets.
  7. Talk about your tour and share the tour link with your audience. If you are the family/ personal account, share the trail link with your guests. When they open the link, they can see it in their tours page.
  1. You don’t have to create an account to start playing tours on the Gamar app.
  2. First you download the Gamar app on your phone or tablet, iOS or Android .
  3. Pick a museum, location or…
  4. Pick a tour of your choice. You can check out tour information such as the number of stops, time of the trail, size of the tour and description even as you are downloading each tour.
  5. Once the tour is downloaded, you are ready to play
Once you know what you want to create, it is all a matter of scanning the objects you want to link into the tour, add relevant images and write the stories you want to tell your audience. There are a lot of default special effects that you can use to quickly create something in just a few steps.
You can type in any language and publish your tour live on to the Gamar app.

There are 9 different activities you can add yourself from the CMS. Each activity is intended to be used in a variety of different ways. Your imagination is the limit.

  1. Image quiz
  2. Image survey
  3. Text quiz
  4. Text survey
  5. Question and Answer
  6. Comment
  7. Drawing board
  8. Audio
  9. There are more activities for your imagination to go wild. Our team is working hard to integrate these onto the content management system so you can do it yourself. Until then we can help you add these following activities to your trail if you choose to. These can be added to your tour at no added cost. Just contact us and tell us about your ideas and needs.

  10. AR activity
  11. Video
  12. Puzzle
  13. Musical Instrument
  14. Diorama
  15. Spot the difference
  16. Stamping activity
  17. 360 bubble
  18. Green screen photo activity