Holographic Game Rooms

Transform your physical spaces to immersive gaming environments with Gamar's spatial mapping and game building technology.

Whether you are a theme park, a mall or an entertainment centre, you can convert any empty space to an escape room or add a new entertainment layer over your existing offering for your visitors.

What’s included?

360° immersive worlds

Spatial and Binaural sounds

Challenging missions

Mystery plots

Live-action and interactive adventures

Intriguing and cryptic clues

A choice of themes for the player to pick from such as ghost and fantasy adventures

15 minutes to an hour gameplay racing against time

Multiplayer mode for the players to collaborate or compete for family fun or team building

Immersive experiences at local attractions

Gamar collaborated with London Sealife and Madame Tussauds to produce immersive walk throughs and educational game experiences. It showcased animals and fish that cannot be held captive - educating the visitors in a fun way.

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