Give it a try

Download and install the Gamar app on your mobile or tablet.
Click on the link below on your mobile or tablet to open the demo trail.

Download the Gamar app here if you haven't yet

Interact with the four stops in the demo trail by scanning the images below.
Remember to keep your volume high and enjoy your journey.


‘Upsy Daisy’ a character from ‘In The Night Garden’ BBC pre-school children's television programme.


‘Bell and Dorothy Freeman 1889’ painting housed in the Geffrye Museum, London.


Green plaque on the walls of the city of Ripon commemorating the Treaty of Ripon.


Marble bust of William Hobson in the Redoubt Fortress, Eastbourne.

Treasure Hunt Creator

Also, try the free augmented reality treasure-hunt creator.
Create a treasure or egg hunt in a few seconds wherever you are.
Challenge your friends and let the fun begin!

Download the Gamar app here if you haven't yet

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