How it works

Gamar is an award winning platform that is revolutionising the way we interact with the world around us with 3D augmented reality. Create and publish your tours and games in just a few clicks.


Scan anything like photos, sculptures or building as tour stops using Gamar app on your mobile.


Test the tour in private mode; when you are happy with the content, publish it live in just one click.


Link the scanned stops by adding clues, stories, fun activities and animations using web tour builder.


Promote the tour at all audience touch-points, both online and onsite, and challenge your audience to play.

Tell your stories with

Multimedia tour

Add audio, video and academic literature.

Family trail

Add clues, stories and fun activities.

Walking tour

Use Google maps and location-aware audio.

Learning game

Create a bespoke game for curriculum needs.

Add a choice of activities for interactive fun

There are many engaging activities like puzzle, quiz, survey, selfie, diorama, drawing challenge, musical activity and many more for both fun and educational purposes.

Quick Tour

See how the Gamar platform works. Each of the following videos give you a tour of playing on the Gamar app, Scanning 2D and 3D objects using the Gamar app and creating tours on the web content management system respectively. How you create your tours is entirely up to your imagination.


Let’s see how a family trail called ChocoTale is played at the Chocolate Museum in Brixton, London.


See how to create ‘STOPS’ by scanning 2D and 3D objects - a clay statue of Goddess of Chocolate and an advertisement at the museum.

Create & Publish

Check out how to get started on creating your first trail on the content management system.

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