Why Gamar

The reasons why the top brands of the world are using Gamar

Easy to use

Creating a tour or a treasure hunt game is as easy as taking a photo and writing a story about it with Gamar’s user friendly platform.

Perfectly fits your needs

Gamar platform combines immersive storytelling with interactive fun. If you are looking for either of them or both, you are at the right place.

Measure engagement

Access real-time data about your audience on their play behaviour and engagement levels. Encourage them to create and contribute photos, drawings, dioramas, surveys to social media.

Revenue generating

Generate higher revenues than you would with traditional audio guides. Talk with us to discuss options and visitor engagement models at your location.

Multiple languages

Attract and engage millions of international visitors by allowing them to enjoy your content in their preferred languages.

Custom & Seasonal themes

Choose a visual interface theme appealing to adults and children; or get a bespoke theme for your temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Accessibility & Inclusion

Gamar is passionate about making the platform resonate with the needs of diverse groups. The framework is designed to make the tour experience very visual and self-guided with enough help and motivation.

To make heritage sites accessible to Deaf people, a custom framework has been created on the Gamar platform to support sign language tours.

You’re in good company

Gamar is already helping many Museums, Art galleries, Castles, Stately homes, Cathedrals, Universities, City Councils, Civic societies, Tourism boards, Entertainment brands and Families.

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