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Thanks to our partners, local attractions around the world are able to engage millions of their visitors using Gamar's unique technology, and content platform.

As a Gamar partner, you will be a part of our inspirational program and bring the magic of augmented reality games and tours to millions-standing at the cross-section between education and entertainment.

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As a part of your solutions

Package Gamar into your existing solutions and integrate your existing marketing efforts by offering Gamar to your clients.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to introduce cutting-edge technology into your business and increase your foot traffic.

Ways you can Partner with Gamar

Become a Gamar partner and join our prestigious community


If you know someone that could benefit from Gamar, then refer them to us; we will handle the rest and reward you after they sign up.


If you work with attractions, then Gamar is the perfect fit for your organisation. We will provide you with all the training and support you will need.

Value-added distributor

Apart from distribution, if you are interested in content creation, artwork, media production and support, Gamar can assist you to meet your goals.

Content creators

Reach out to us if you are an expert in content production--whether it is interpretation, audio/video production or copywriting--and want to support Gamar's existing clientele.

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