Are you passionate about culture or technology?

Thanks to the partners, local attractions around the world are able to engage millions of visitors with Gamar’s unique technology, physical interaction and the content platform.

As a Gamar partner, you will be a part of this very special program; bringing the magic of augmented reality games and tours to millions, standing at the cross section between education and entertainment.

As a part of your solutions

Package Gamar into your existing solutions and take advantage from your existing marketing efforts to offer Gamar to your clients.

Grow with Gamar

Take advantage of the business opportunities of introducing cutting technologies to your network, helping them to succeed in increasing their footfall.

Ways you can partner

Become a Gamar partner and be with the following programs and a handsome incentive


If you know someone in your local attractions that could benefit from Gamar, then just refer them to us. We handle the rest and award you after the signup.


If you have been working with local attractions or want to work with them, then this is your fit. We provide you with all the training and support you will need.

Value Added Distributor

Apart from Distribution, if you can want to handle the content creation, artwork, media production and support them on a continuous basis, then this is for you.

Content Creators

Pick this if you are an expert in content production, whether it is interpretation, audio/ video production or copywriting and can support Gamar’s existing clientele.

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