“We are extremely excited to bring a new level of fun to the castle, which will allow the visitors to discover hidden history and unlock interesting secrets of the castle’s past.”

Emma Manners,
Duchess of Rutland, Belvoir Castle

Castles & Stately Homes

Keeping a large audience interested for long periods of time is an everyday challenge all culture and heritage organisations face constantly.

Castles and stately homes are great treasures troves of stories and adventures that can be told and experienced through games and tours on the Gamar platform. The speed at which an experience can be created on the Gamar platform lets visitors discover the hidden history in a variety of fun ways on different days. The content can range from 20 minutes, up to an hour.

Apart from Gamar app, letting your visitors immerse into the historic past through Holographic game adventures can bring in a wonderful new way of telling stories and reliving the past.

Popular activities



Go back into the past and relive soldiers lives on the battlefield by practicing your archery skills. Play the bow and arrow game!


Spot the difference

Adorn the walls painting activity at Belvoir castle. Get a closer look at the paintings to get more information when the differences are spotted.



3D views of the demolished or removed sections in Eastbourne fortress museum to fill the missing details.


Talking sculpture

Talk to William Hobson to find out more about the Redoubt fortress.



Visitors at Warwick castle play as a Knight to prepare for battle ordered by the Earl of Warwick.



Doddington hall allows visitors to create their own tapestries using the Diorama game.

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