“You guys did an amazing job on the game which is really impressing people, everyone is very enthusiastic.”

Shelley Mannion,
Digital Learning, British Museum

Cathedrals & Temples

It’s a challenge for cathedrals and temples to draw in the new and younger audience. As the new generation audience comes and participates, the faith passes on to the new generations.

The Gamar Platform enables any local attraction (small or big) to enhance their environments with exciting tours and games. The content can range from 20 minutes, up to an hour. Cathedral and temples allow for the discovery of hidden history. It also provides you with the ability to unlock mind-blowing secrets of the past.

Popular activities



Visitors can gain an exciting experience through reconstruction animations or 360 views of different architectural elements of the building.


Audio walks

Visitors can learn about the history and architecture of the site through the use of location based audios bytes.


Mini Games

Fun mini games let your visitors travel back into the past and relive the different stories being told through the temples’ architecture.


Talking sculptures

Listen to the sculptures in their own voices to find out about the history of the site or information about current/upcoming events.



This is an excellent activity to make visitors observe a ruin or a relief to solve the puzzle activity.



When the visitors unlock the tour stops, context relevant vouchers can be offered to encourage them to purchase in the gift shop or restaurants.

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