“For Gamar, testing with users was a big part of informing their design process. When the game was released we had excellent feedback from children and parents alike and the game managed the difficult task of balancing learning, fun gameplay and creativity.”

Alex Flowers,
Digital Programmes, V&A

Museums & Art Galleries

Sometimes it can be a challenge to engage audiences and lengthen the time that they spend in an exhibit. The longer a guests visit an attraction the higher the revenue.

Gamar’s Platform enables any attraction (small or large) to enhance their galleries with exciting tours and games. Augmented reality draws guests in with games and easily accessible information which dramatically increases dwell times as well as revenues.

Popular activities



Visitors at Cutty Sark play as an apprentice to Captain Woodget performing chores on the ship like cleaning the pigs, unfurling the sails etc.


Show reconstruction in augmented reality

The ancient Parthenon temple marbles at the British Museum in London were reconstructed to depict the battle between Centaurs and the Lapiths.


Animal trails

An interactive tour allows guests to spot animals in paintings on their devices in the Geffrye Museum and gives them more information about the paintings and artists.



Enhances creativity by allowing visitors to accessorize their environment with virtual content.


Spot the differences

Get a closer look at a work of art and search for differences between the two paintings.



When visitors unlock tour stops, you can offer them content relevant vouchers in order to encourage them to make a purchase in the gift shop.

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