“We had over 30 families do the trail and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive so we are going to do another garden themed game.”

Olivia Murphy,
Geffrye Museum

Nature Parks & Gardens

Nature parks and gardens are great places to simply wander amongst the flora, fauna and history. Why not add a layer of fun and discovery through Gamar trails and walks for your visitors?

Gamar offers a range of fun activities to enhance these wide open spaces and outdoor environments, from games for kids to informative walking trails. The content can range from 20 minutes up to an hour, depending on how short or long you would like to make your walking tour. When visitors unlock tour stops, content relevant vouchers can be offered to encourage your guests to make purchases in nearby shops or restaurants.

Popular activities


Audio walks

Audio walks are being created for the park that surrounds Grimsthorpe Castle to tell what has happened at different locations around the park.


Character trails

Visitors of the RHS Gardens could meet all of the ‘In the Night Garden’ characters at various locations around the gardens through a family friendly trail with different activities and mini-games for each character.


Plant tours

Families are able to follow a trail to explore gardens from Georgian, Tudor and Victorian eras in a colourful egg hunt through the famous Geffrye gardens.



360 degree reconstructed views of the Battle of Naseby are available for visitors of the Naseby Battle Fields.


Content creation

Try out creative activities such as diorama where visitors get to create their own garden with different flowers, plants and animals.


Bugs hide & seek

A bug trail kept little ones engaged in the beautiful gardens of Guernsey Museums, Doddington Hall and Geffrye Museum.

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