“My daughter LOVES this game! Now I use it as a reward. I just downloaded your app today. Created an Easter Egg Hunt for my coworkers. We are having so much fun playing. I can't wait to make a hunt at home for my daughter.”

Sharon Cherf


Gamar is being used in a variety ways from creating little hunts at home to keep kids busy, engaging guests at birthday parties, days out at museums, challenging colleagues at work and spending quality time with friends & family through a treasure or an Easter egg hunt experience.

Kids as young as 6 can create egg or treasure hunts easily with Gamar's simple-to-use platform. The limitless possibilities of augmented reality offer an excellent creative outlet that inspires children of all ages.

Popular activities


Birthday parties

Create a fun treasure hunt for your guests!


Seasonal hunts

Create Easter egg hunts using the Gamar app and place them around any environment, such as a museum or park.


Creative activities

Children can create tours around the home, keeping them engaged for hours of fun.


Team building

Create challenging treasure hunts for team building, ice breaking or encouraging creativity for a fun day at the office.



Add rewards for your children at each tour stop to encourage their good behaviour.



Subject trails can engage kids with their homework and encourage their learning.

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