“The Texas A&M University Libraries have been using Gamar since Fall 2016. Each semester, students taking first-year composition use Gamar to take an augmented reality tour of the library to learn about library spaces, services, and collections.”

Sarah LeMire,
Texas A&M University Libraries

Schools & Universities

It can be difficult for students to concentrate on learning when they are packed into a classroom for a long period of time.

The Gamar platform allows teachers and learning institutions to incorporate augmented reality into students learning through educational games.

Popular activities


Game Design

Conduct game design workshops using Gamar to encourage kids' creativity and expand their understanding of any subject.


Book trails

Book trails allow students to identify books or various objects and learn more about their subject matter.


Onboarding tours

Introduce your students to different departments and rules with images, videos, audio clips and activities.



Interesting quizzes can be used to assess students knowledge in a particular subject, to explain a complex concept or even use as roleplay.



You can conduct text or image surveys to gather data on students' opinions and preferences.


Subject trails

Engage your students in learning new material with entertaining treasure hunts.

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