“This game is god sent; one of the best things we’ve experienced during our visit to London.”

Charlotte K,
Mum of three children visiting the British Museum, London

Smart Cities

Smart cities are developing and growing at a rapid rate, which makes it harder to support local businesses and attractions.

The Gamar Platform enables any local attraction (small or large) to enhance their environment with exciting tours and games. When visitors unlock tour stops, content-relevant vouchers are offered to encourage them to buy from locally owned businesses.

Popular activities



Visitors at Ripon Civic Society can learn about the historical building through the use of clear and concise audios.



When the visitors unlock the tour stops, context relevant vouchers are offered to encourage them to make a purchase in the gift shop.



Visitors can gain an exciting experience by viewing enhancements of the historical city buildings in easy walks around the city.


Talking sculpture

Listen to the sculptures in their own voices to find out about their historical stories.



Visitors can perform activities and step into different roles in order to understand the city.


Opinion poll

Use a text or image survey in order to better understand your audience's preferences.

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