“Simple in premise and use, but also a lot of fun, showing that augmented reality can succeed when applied in the right manner.”

Ben Davis,

Stadiums & Arenas

During long breaks in between events, stadiums and arenas look to devise ways to keep their guests entertained. When there is a lack of events, stadiums and arenas may arrange tours in order to inform the public about their features.

Utilising the Gamar platform, stadiums and arenas can enhance their environments by creating exciting tours and games for their guests. Depending on the tour you wish to create, the content created can range from 20 minutes to an hour. Additionally, the Gamar platform can be used to offer guests vouchers that will encourage them to make purchases within the stadium or arena.

Popular activities



Create audio clips to allow all guests access to clear and concise information.



Visitors can access vouchers at tour stops to encourage them to make purchases in nearby shops.



Allow guests to visualise reconstructed buildings or events as they take an easy walking tour with friends and family.


Talking sculptures

Allow sculptures to tell guests about the history of the site or inform them about upcoming events in their own voices.



Enhances creativity by allowing visitors to observe the environment.



Use a text or visual survey to ensure visitor satisfaction or perform market research.

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