“Mind boggling - this changed my life completely today.”

Will S, 26 yrs,
Visitor at London SeaLife

Theme Parks

Theme parks offer guests extreme thrills and entertainment, but wandering between rides and waiting in long queues often have a significant negative impact on visitors' experience.

Through the Gamar platform, theme parks can utilise augmented reality games to enhance their environment and ensure guests continue to have fun while they are queueing. Augmented reality games can range from 20 minutes to an hour and add to your attractions' appeal. Inside the game or tour, you can offer guests vouchers to encourage them to make purchases in restaurants or gift shops.

Popular activities


Augmented reality escape game rooms

Any empty space can be converted into an escape room for your visitors utilising Microsoft's HoloLens technology to create an immersive augmented reality experience.


Immersive experiences

Add another layer of entertainment for your visitors, such as animating 2D images or visualising extra content. Gamar's augmented reality platform was used by the Sea Life London Aquarium to envision creatures that can not be kept in captivity.


Character trails

Let your visitors discover and collect popular characters at various points throughout the theme park using a family trail with activities and mini-games that relate to each character.


Queue egg hunts

Hide virtual eggs at different points along the queue path that are linked to fun mini-games, keeping your guests happy and entertained.



Visitors can access vouchers at tour stops to encourage them to make purchases in nearby shops.


Event alerts

By using augmented reality technology, you can create location-based event alerts and disperse them throughout the theme park.

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